Artwork > Conversation IV Yasmin Salman, Sehba Maruf, Aliya Yousaf, Asma M. Hashmi.

Asma's use of symbols of sentimentality depicts a gradual loss of innocence, purity and clarity under layers of mundane reality. These works are a comment on our ignorance of tragedy and violence around us while losing oneself to the friendly demons of commercialism, ambitious strife, aerosols and shopping binges.
In an age of insensitivity the patchwork patterns stand for the promise of the ‘security blanket’, a promise that dims the form of the rose, yet not always providing the solace it initially seemed to offer. In a world of imperfections, each step to reach out for more only tarnishes the nucleus yet the race to patch up our existence continues - the race against time and against mixed priorities.
The work is about experienced reality and its deposits on the pristine essence of life, the essence that persists amidst the dance of the demons, stubbornly retaining its shape although giving up its color to the oxidization process that, sadly, life really is.

Ayesha Fazlur Rahman

Conversation IV
Conversation IV