Artwork > Conversation IV, Another Dialogue

Asmaa Hashmi's work is evocative of a time and space which we have all journeyed through; a place where emotions reign over logic and rationality. Her work emanates unsuppressable emotions, a silent passion, an unvoiced plea that overtakes the canvas and evolves and unfolds in front of us. The dialogue here is essentially personal and yet has the ability to communicate across barriers and boundaries. The artist has used the layering of colours and the line quality to share with us a deep sense of loss, hurt and anger intrinsically interwoven with the unravelling of a sense of self. Another conversation is a compelling work, drawing us out from the stilted inner dialogue that we are trapped within and urges us to embrace the passion and turmoil within.

Aisha Darr
Assistant Professor

Asma M. Hashmi
Asma M. Hashmi