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Sehba Maruf Ali  Title: “Caw Caw and Chai”
Sehba Maruf Ali Title: “Caw Caw and Chai”

Sehba Maruf Ali
Title: “Caw Caw and Chai”
Year: 2018
Medium: Woodcut with Chine Collé
Image Size: 15cm x 20cm
Paper Size: 28cm x 35cm
We all have a need to bond and connect with our community. It is an intrinsic trait in the animal kingdom to communicate Be it a watering hole, food or a calamity mother nature collects in various circumstances. The exchange of gossip and news among crows; perched on branches, in heaps of garbage, reflects the need and urge to communicate and to be heard! Crows represent diverse symbolism in cultures yet their cohesive strength and socialization with other crows is universal. Humans are constantly creating more differences and divides thus destructing the social fabric. Maybe we can learn from the crow to squawk and share our thoughts and opinions. The artist, Sehba Maruf Ali graduated from Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan and now resides in Toronto Canada. She has extensively exhibited in Pakistan and Canada and her collections are in private collections in Pakistan, UAE, England, USA, Canada and China. Sehba has excelled in a multitude of mediums ranging from fine arts, to prints, sculptures and jewellery and fashion. Sehba has evolved herself professionally as she is working with intellectually disabled students and incorporating art with behaviour regulation.