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Abdul Muhammad  Title: “Jaanu”
Abdul Muhammad Title: “Jaanu”

Title: “Jaanu”
Year: 2018
Medium: woodcut
Image Size: 31cm x 15cm
Paper Size: 28cm x 35cm

“JAANU” is about my nephew and his namesake, a pet bird which had been in the family for many years and was looked after by everyone. The name is symbolic of the various roles we take on in life and the crossing over of the humane and the predatory instincts in both man and animal. It’s about the subversion of violence and coming together of the finer instincts through coexistence.

Abdul is a technician by training and profession at IVS, Karachi and has over the years started making his own work which is informed by his environment and experiences. He has exhibited in group shows and also has a solo to his credit.